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Galactic Escape is a cosmic adventure play&earn NFT game, based on the Wax Blockchain, which is currently one the most promising and used blockchains. The developers aim to create a unique concept of the game, which will have an ideal economic model and will bring players satisfaction from the game along with making good profit. Trade NFT’s, sell extracted resources to increase your income.

Tokenized Economics

Tokenized Economics

what is get token?

Galactic Exchange Token (GET) is our main ingame currency which can be achieved by playing game and exploring our Galaxy.

Token Map

You can always exchange our game token. You can also buy resources for it and promote your ships. All resources can be exchanged into GET Token.


Atomic Energy

Atomic energy is needed for your pirates to fly to the planets. Each flight consumes a fixed amount of energy. Energy is exchanged for GEAE token.

Bloody Ore

Bloody Ore is needed to repair your pirate spaceships. During each flight your ship wears out. Bloody Ore can be exchanged for GEBO Token.

Space Rum

Space Rum is needed to keep your crew motivated and courageous. During long flights crew spirit drops down. Space Rum can be exchanged for GESR Token.

Multigame token

Multigame token

Earn GET Token and get ready for upcoming play&earn games

Pirate Skull

The Get Token is the common currency for multiple games!
Our universe is expanding every day, and soon it will become even more
attractive to play and earn!

Galactic Escape

Galactic Escape

The first game of the trilogy, enjoy the
game and earn money right now!

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Galactic Robots

Get rich on the resources found in the new
galaxy, get token will help you!

Coming soon
Robot resources
Galactic Hunters

Galactic Hunters

It`s time to become a bounty hunter! become
a thunderstorm of the galaxy!

In development
Nft items

Nft items

Nft cards
play & Earn with our extraordinary


Buy and trade NFT cards with other
players on Atomic Hub

Atomic Hub

Nft boxes

NFT boxes contain NFT cards of different rarity levels. Try your luck to get really epic rewards

By opening 1 galaxy box you can get 2 or 4 NFT cards of different rarity levels

Nft Box
Nft Box

Smart Blending

Increase the rarity level of your NFT cards

Combine 3 NFT cards of a similar level and blend them into higher rarity level NFT. The higher rarity level cards you have the bigger income you will receive.

Common Card
Common Card
Common Card
Big Arrow
Rare Card


Craft new NFT cards of different rarity levels using GET Token

Nft Cards


Planet Q1
Planet Q4
  • Team building
  • Development of game logic
  • Website creation and testing
  • creation of tokenomics
Planet Q1
Planet Q4
  • Creating NFT
  • Website designed game trailer
  • Smart contract
  • Social networks
  • Preliminary marketing
  • Whitelisted on AtomicHub
  • game trailer
Planet Q2
Planet Q2
  • Launch of GET token
  • Drop release
  • Free drop
  • Launch the game
  • Launch of the Draw
Planet Q3
Planet Q3
  • GET staking
  • Alchemy implementation
  • Galactic Destiny
  • Improve Tokenomics
  • Minting NFT
  • Integration of NFT level system
Planet Q3
Planet Q3
  • Galactic Robots game
  • New starship NFT slots
  • Mobile application
  • Release of the 3rd project
  • Switch to 3D
  • new galaxy